Student Feedback During Teacher Training

Creative Graphics and Media First Year 2012

“We’ve had our ups and downs in the past and disagree about some things but you’ve always been there for me as a tutor and a friend, you’ve helped me learn and understand the digital side of graphics and made me more confident in programs such as quark and illustrator and are always happy to give me helpful advice on other parts on my work, you’re entertaining and make the lessons more fun and enjoyable! To be honest you might not think it but you are my fave tutor!” – L.A.

“Here is my brief feedback on you as my tutor, your number one student eh? You have taught me a lot this past year on Quark and new techniques in PhotoShop and research help. You keep the lessons entertaining at the same time serious and getting down to work, as my tutor the past few months of stuff I’ve gone through I found it easy to come to you for advice and support, thank you. Constructive criticism, I actually can’t think of any.” – K.B.

“Sam Cooper is the tutor most directly responsible for my improvement in digital skills using the packages Illustrator and InDesign. She tutored me visually by showing me how to do a task first and then me attempting it myself. This method was effective as I learned quickly and took everything on board. This is coming from a student who formally wouldn’t use a computer to design work! I didn’t used to like touching the computers at all at the very start of the course, as my strengths have always been traditional, but Sam managed to make me feel comfortable and confident on them, so that alone is a great achievement for her. Thank you very much. Because Sam is more down to earth and ‘hip’ than the other tutors, she is able to speak to the students in a way they will understand. Overall she has done a truly admirable job and has taught to the best of her ability, despite the difficulties that have arisen from a difficult to teach class, she has overcome them, carried on tutoring and kept her sanity.” – M.C.

“Sam is always enthusiastic to help make my work look more professional and boost it up to a higher mark, she also frequently checks through my book to make sure I am on track and up to date with work, and if I’m not she sits me down and discusses what is needed to do to make sure I will reach the deadline. I am always happy to be in a lesson with Sam as she is a helpful and willing tutor. I have enjoyed my first year with Sam as my tutor and look forward to having her again next year as I think she has helped me a lot and taught me new skills on the digital side of the briefs.” – J.D.

“At the beginning, since I didn’t knew Sam that much I was a bit annoyed with some criticisms she used to give me. Since then I see that I was wrong because she was just trying to correct my mistakes and now I am still working on those mistakes thanks to her. I’ve seen how the students I’ve been with, and also me, have some difficulties with the work we’ve been doing but we haven’t asked Sam for her help, but even so she somehow sees that we need that help and comes to us individually and helps as best she can. She helped me a lot like this, especially with the digital work. It’s actually thanks to her that I know how to work with InDesign and PhotoShop the way I work now. I am looking forward for Sam to teach us again.” – K.L.

Extended Diploma Art & Design (Graphic Design) First Year 2011

“I think Sam is doing a brilliant job, she helps me and the College students and then she shows us how we can improve your work and how to set it out. Overall, I think that she has done a brilliant job. Good work.” – D.A.

“I have only seen the web design aspects of graphic design but Sam showed me a different perspective, she clearly explained about different types of print and layout. She spoke clearly with confidence and made it easy for all of us to understand.” – B.C.

“She used the resource material to easily show what she wants to present. She explained clearly and made things easy. She compelled us with showing us what we could achieve.” – T.G.

“I thought her presentation was pretty good. I learnt a lot from what she did in her past and I thought she explained it very well. I liked her work, it was really impressive.” – J.P.

“Sam Cooper has been a great help to me in my studies, giving me advice when needed. She not only helped me in class, but also offers her wide knowledge of Graphic Design, in order to help us understand what the world might throw at us, as we become graphic designers ourselves. Sam’s lesson (which included examples of her past work and the answers to all our questions) was very helpful and interesting. Sam has given me a brief view into the world outside of college and what I have to look forward to into the future as I start my career.” – E.M.

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